Q8: For example, the flat price is ¥20,000,000JPN, how much do I need to pay?

Broker fee: 20,000,000×3%+60,000Yen=660,000Yen. Sales Tax 10% 66,000Yen. Total 726,000Yen.

Stump duty 20,000Yen.

Judicial Scrivener Fee: About 150,000Yen (Including registration fee).

Acquisition Tax: About 150,000Yen (You need to pay about half year later).

Annual Possession Tax: About 150,000Yen. But on the closing year, you and seller sprit this tax)

So total: 726,000+20,000+150,000+150,000+100,000=1146,000Yen.