Property Management

Do you concern about management your property in Japan?

Do you concern about house in Japan while you are not in Japan? For example, tax payment, garden treatment, utility payment etc?

Tax Payment
In Japan, tax office send tax invoice once a year to you. But normally they don’t send the invoice to foreign country. We can be a tax manager instead of you.
Utility fee payment
Do you concern about utility payment while you are not in Japan? We can pay the fee instead of you every month.
Yearly Garden treatment
If you buy a traditional style house in Kyoto, normally it has Japanese garden. Japanese garden should be treat 3 or 4 times a year. We can introduce famous garder and ask them to treat trees.
Tax Manager
If you buy a property in Japan, you need to choose tax manager for tax payment instead of you. This is duty. We can be the tax manager.
Regular House check
Do you concern about property after buying a property like ventilation, cockroach, termite etc? We can check regularly the propery.
Buying investment property
Do you concern about buying investment property in Japan.? We can arrange everything instead of you. Fire insurance, collect money from tenant, paying tax etc. If you want to receive the money at your country, we can send money to overseas.