Countryside Full renovated house(1hour from Kyoto city)

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Used house

Year built Over 200years old New/Used Used
Balcony Exposure
Stories Floor
Structure Wooden
Total land size 435.69m² Total floor size 122.17m²
1st floor size 92.9m²
Garage  3 cars available Status Vacant
Listing No. 4-8

Located in Keihoku, Kyoto City, this 200-year-old thatched-roof farmhouse called “Aoi Kuma” is just about 60 minutes from the city center of Kyoto. It’s only a 5-minute drive from Woody Keihoku, and it offers stunning natural surroundings. Nestled against the backdrop of the serene Kyoto countryside with a steep, majestic cedar forest, this large traditional farmhouse quietly stands. Renovated by designer Jun Tomita, who also worked on the interior design and branding for the “Genji Kyoto Hotel,” the original interior has been preserved. This ancient farmhouse was originally built by local farmers around 200 years ago and was recognized as a Kyoto machiya (traditional wooden house built in Kyoto before 1950) by the city of Kyoto in 2021. While many renovations are restricted in historic preservation districts like Miyama, in Keihoku, there are no such limitations, allowing for more flexible modifications such as the installation of a spacious bathroom and a modern washbasin to create a comfortable living space.
Taking advantage of the unique environment with a flowing stream in the garden, the renovation includes carefully placed features like a small waterfall, a meditation pond, and a waterway to enhance the charm of the old farmhouse. You can listen to the soothing sounds of the stream and the small waterfall that flows from the mountain watershed into the pond. You can also try meditation on two large stones in the middle of the pond. The soot-covered bamboo and black soot on the ceiling, developed over centuries of using fire, add to the deep ambiance, highlighting the essence of “wabi-sabi” in the traditional farmhouse. The sloping ceiling in the attic reveals impressive handcrafted wooden structures. The thick thatched roof is protected by a metal roof on the outside, reducing maintenance costs.

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